Thursday, January 18, 2007


There is a big storm blowing over the Netherlands right now. This morning it wasn't so bad yet, but it was pretty uncomfortable walking to work, it was raining and the wind was blowing hard (yet timidly compared to right now). I had a hard time keeping dry with an umbrella fighting to fly off and my hair blowing in my face and blocking my view, all the while trying to walk as fast as I can because the bus was late and I was about to be late to work too. But I made it just in time and forgot all about the storm. As the EXPO is inside a mall, we are not really aware of the weather outside. Of course we did notice that there were hardly any customers and many shops around us actually closed way too early.
Once work was done and I went back outside, I was quickly reminded of the storm and it had certainly grown strength since this morning. Lots of wind either speeding me up or seriously slowing me down as I am trying to walk to the bus stop. I hurry as much as I can, hoping I can still catch the next bus. I finally get there after a severe fight with the wind, and the bus never shows up! Soon I find out that all buses and trains have been canceled due to the heavy storm and basically everybody is stranded in Eindhoven. There was complete chaos at the station with hundreds of people wanting to go home after a day's work, everybody got free food and coffee but all they really want is a ride home and not have to spend the night at the station...


Chantal said...

Hey Lou,

Lekkere weertje gisteren hè?!
Wat is Yasu toch een schatje hè! Leuk cadootje hoor! Leuk om te lezen wat al je belevenissen zijn.
Ik ga zeker regelmatig kijken als je in Japan zit. Je schrijft trouwens onzettend leuk.
Fijn weekend!
Liefs en een dikke kus Chantal

Yasu said...

Nature has enormous power. Very scary. You are safe, good. :) mwah