Sunday, January 07, 2007

I won!

My boyfriend's ambition is to become the Japanese Dr. Phil. Yes, he likes the Dr. Phil show so much, that his dream is to have a similar show in Japan; 'The Dr. Yasu show' :). Well, he is not about to get his PhD anytime soon, but he is studying the field of NLP as much as he can (professionally and privately), so perhaps in the future NHK will host 'The NLP Yasu show'.

Do you see the resemblance?

Yasu is a big fan of the Dr. Phil show but none of his shows air on the Japanese TV and there is no DVD-box for sale. But lucky Yasu has a girlfriend who lives in a country where the show is broadcasted daily, and on two different channels! So, when he was here in December he bought a big load of DVD-R discs, so that I could record the show for him and send it to Japan.
But since the day Yasu left, I have been in a constant fight with our HDD/DVD player trying to get some Dr. Phil shows recorded on his DVDs. I have tried everything; record directly to DVD-R, indirectly via HDD, or via DVD-RW, etc. I ended up spending hours on recording and dubbing without resulting in a DVD-R which plays the Dr. Phil show on any DVD-player or computer other than the one it was originally recorded on. This must sound quite confusing, so let's summarize it into one sentence: I put loads of effort and time into it without the desired result :(.
After breaking my brains on a reason for this failure, the only remaning problem I could come up with was an incompatibility between the recorder and the discs. So today I bought a tenpack of DVD-RWs of the SONY brand, because our HDD/DVD player is a SONY machine too, and low and behold: everything works! I finally managed to take the Dr. Phil show out of the SONY recorder into my computer! Yes, I finally won the frustrating fight with the HDD/DVD player! And Yasu, can happily expect a couple of Dr. Phil shows on his doormat in Japan soon!

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Yasuhiro said...

Oh thank you so much Louana!!! Jippie!! I can see Dr.Phil shows!! Dank u wel so much for your enormous effort on this! mwah mwah mwah