Tuesday, January 02, 2007

'All You Need Is Love' videos

I just discovered how to upload video to my blog and I wanted to share the video of Yasu and me on the 'All You Need Is Love' show. The quality is not great, as I used my digital camera to make a recording of the show playing on the regular tv (yeah I know there probably is a much more advanced way to do all this, but I have yet to discover how that works). The person you hear giggling in the background is me and the person you hear giggling on the tv is also me :)!

Our part on the show lasted for about 7 minutes, and as my digital camera only records for 3 consecutive minutes I had to record in three seperate videos. Of course I did put them in the right order here, so start watching the top one! Unfortunately, the show is in Dutch so if you don't speak Dutch it will not make much sense to you, but at least you can still see me acting all giggly on tv!

January 26, 2009 edit: See a great quality video with English subtitles here!


Yasuhiro said...

This is very well-made! I like it a lot!! I want to set this up as well! mwah mwah mwah

yuko said...

Hi! I'm Yuko. I could watch it.
You are so young and so pretty!
And your boyfriend is so cool!
This blog is so great.
Please tell me more at AEON.
see you!