Sunday, January 14, 2007

Celebrating the day we first met

Yasu and I met on January 11th, 2004 in SPICE House (our dorm) on the campus of Emory University. The first impression we had of each other was not particularly great. To me he was some Japanese guy that did not make any sense and to him I was a rude Dutch girl. We had no idea that we just met someone very special. The first half of the semester we both did our own seperate things, but halfway through the semester things changed…

SPICE House, 17 Frat Row, Atlanta GA 30322

We marked the day that we first kissed (April 30) as the beginning of our relationship, hence that is the date we celebrate our anniversary. But this year Yasu decided to also celebrate the day that we first met, by sending me a nice gift. I had no idea that he gave me this gift to celebrate the day we met, the card that came with the present was not that clear. I only found out after reading about it on his blog. He knows I like office supplies and especially cute, pink ones, so he went to what he calls a 'girly' store and bought me a very nice pink daily planner, wrapped it and send it to EXPO.

The 'girly' store in Amagasaki's Carrefour

The package arrived on my day off so unfortunately, I did not discover the package in the mail myself, which would have been very surprising! Instead my coworker called me to tell me about it, and I received the package a day later on January the 11th! So that worked out nicely! Actually, I already owned a brand new daily planner, but Yasu's gift was a much better version than the one I picked out in the store! I immediately started using the new planner which came all the way from Japan from the hands of my sweet boyfriend!

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Yasu said...

I am very happy that you liked it that much! Maybe I'll see the planner with lots of writings and marks when you come here? Well, you use it daily basis so you can feel more connection with me in daily basis. mwah