Saturday, January 20, 2007

As of today I flickr too

Since I started reading blogs (mostly of foreigners in Japan) I kept on stumbling upon a photosharing website called flickr. It is overwhelming how many bloggers use flickr, almost everytime I clicked on a picture I ended up on the blue and pink website of flickr. Flickr, flickr, flickr, again and again and again... I used to be a dotphoto-girl but as flickr appeared on my screen for the gazillionth time today, I thought it may be time to join the flickr-ing crowd instead. And so I did, and here is my shiny new membercard ;)

But don't expect a lot on my brand new flickr site as I am just a newbie, and there is nothing spectacular on display, yet! So far I have only uploaded some old pictures as a test and I am enjoying getting to know the program. But as you can see the flickr-member-card-makers were so friendly to give me a pro status to make me feel right at home ;)!

1 comment:

Yasu said...

This flickr thing looks intereting. Now your website is getting professional. :) mwah