Friday, December 22, 2006

Feeling lonely in the studio without Yasu

Yesterday was the day where the whole 'All You Need Is Love' show came together and the Christmas Special was taped in a studio with an audience. The show was very nicely put together with many heartwarming and funny moments, so for those of you who plan to watch the show on Sunday, it will be worth it.

As you can read here, this TV show reunited Yasu and me for Christmas and New Year's. But sadly Yasu had to go home just a week after we met in Russia. Why? Because Yasu's father did not allow him to stay here with me for these special holidays... Don't get me started on how incomprehensible that man is. So instead of sharing this studio experience with Yasu (who desired to be there so much), Yasu sat at home in Japan, doing nothing and I sat there in the studio audience in a row of reunited happy and kissy couples, without the person I was reunited with :(. Quite awkward and lonely...
Studio filling up with people
Of course, I did not go there alone, my brother Gyano, my mother Lia, her boyfriend Guido and my friend Minke also came along. Gyano served as my surrogate 'boyfriend', occupying the seat which was supposed to be filled by Yasu, luckily Gy is sweet too. Unfortunately Guido, Lia and Minke were seated a couple of rows below us, but as far as they all told me they thoroughly enjoyed the show and especially the piece on Yasu and me. Funniest thing during the show, was the constant crying by both the audience and TV crew, because of all the touching moments in the show. So get your tissues ready on Sunday night!
With my little brother Gyano in the foyer before the taping
Guido, Lia and Minke in their studio seats
It was supposed to be a special and happy event, yet it was just a bit too overwhelming and painful for me. Especially during the afterparty, seeing so many happy couples reunited for the holidays enjoying eachother's company (kissing, hugging, holding hands etc.). That made me miss Yasu even more and more severely. Also several strangers, who recognized me from the show, started enquiring about Yasu's whereabouts and I ended up 'cheeringly' trying to explain the inexplicable multiple times... Unfortunately the whole situation was quite a downer.

Loads of people had put in a lot of effort to make sure Yasu could spend the holidays with me, yet I am still without him this Christmas. The producers had actually offered to fly him back again for the show's taping in the studio and for Christmas, but his father did not allow him to. You'd think there was something important going on in Japan that he needed Yasu for, but alas that was not the case. Mysterious and frustrating. Inlaws... grr.

All the other reunitees will be enjoying each other's company until at least sometime in January 2007, some even until February. Naturally Yasu and I are very jealous of them, but we try to focus on being happy about the one week we did spend together, thanks to the show. But staying focused on that was really hard during the afterparty amongst all the other happy people, I so wished Yasu could have been there and enjoy that special event with us.
Studio being cleared out during the afterparty
Late that night, I heard Yasu's many voicemails asking me how the show's taping had been. He sounded so curious and a bit desperate, he had waited up till about 4 am hoping to hear something from me. It broke my heart a little, especially when he told me how crappy he felt for being unable to experience the studio taping. So I called him in the middle of the night and we spent a long time on the phone feeling crappy together, which made me feel a bit less lonely.

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Yasuhiro said...

It hurt me much that I couldn't be with you then. Yes I felt crappy all day that day. But we had a great conversation on the phone, I am happy about and proud of it.