Monday, December 25, 2006

Seeing the glass half full on Christmas Day

Last night on Christmas Eve 'All You Need Is Love' aired on TV. The whole country got to see my deformed morning face in total confusion as Robert ten Brink tells me we are going somewhere far. And then the rest of the show you can spot me wearing a crazy pink hat in an effort to try and hide my unwashed and bad hair day! Still it is fun to see our reunion in Russia on TV and Yasu and I got spend time together and that's what it was all about!
Robert ten Brink in the studio on our living room TV
Having been to the studio taping last week, we already knew what was going to happen, but it was still interesting to see it all on your own TV screen at home. Unfortunately, we were seated on the far right of the studio so you could not really spot us sitting there in the audience, but I assure you, we were there!
With Robert in the tiny Russian carriage talking about Yasu
After a long and confusing trip in the 'All You Need Is Love' Land Rover and private jet, hours of waiting at a Russian airport, enjoying a narrated drive through St. Petersburg and then walking the streets of that huge city, we finally ended up in the carriage. This carriage was tiny and either built to seat two very thin Russians or one very fat Russian, we couldn't quite figure it out. This is where Robert finally started asking me questions about Yasu, which I answered very skilfully... not! I sound like an uneducated child, but a happy and especially giggly one!
The carriage arriving at our destination somewhere in St. Petersburg
After getting of the carriage, Robert told me that Yasu is there too (surprise!) and he is standing right there! Where? I did not recognize him until he started walking and I immediately recognized his movements. First, we walked towards each other but soon we started running (knowing this was the desired action from us) and end up crashing into each other, hugging, kissing, smiling and looking at each other's faces (just to make sure it is really him!).
Yasu impatienly waiting for me to arrive
I was still too confused to really understand that I was finally in the arms of the boyfriend I had missed for 13 months! The cameras kind of disappeared too and we were actually about to walk away together (no idea where we were going but whatever), when the camera crew called us back. We had to redo the running scene twice and Yasu had to reshoot some individual stuff too, that brought us back to the 'created' reality of TV, but we were more than happy to oblige!
Reunited in Russia!
Afterwards we were brought back to Yasu's fancy hotel and told to enjoy everything all expenses paid for. This is a dream come true in some expensive hotel with loads of expensive amenities, but honestly we felt a bit weird about it so we kept checking prices during dinner and when getting drinks from the minibar. The next morning we did discover a phone bill of about 250 euros (!) which was quite shocking, but luckily we did not have to pay for it!

Yet, this Christmas my boyfriend is no longer with me and this has bothered me, especially after being confronted with all the happy couples during the studio taping. Yesterday night after the show, Yasu and I had a four-hour-talk via skype (pretending to celebrate Christmas together) and we talked about missing each other and being miserable about it during Christmas. But is that really how I want to spend my last Christmas at home with my family? So today I decided to look at the glass as being half full instead of being half empty (or some 80% analogy my NLP boyfriend was talking about) in order to enjoy this Christmas without him. So tonight at dinner (at a Japanese restaurant) we all raised our half full glasses of champagne, plum wine and melon cocktail and wished each other a very Merry Christmas!

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Yasu said...

Yeah every time I remember the time in St. Petersburg, I can't help smiling. Yes it was a dream comes true. Life is fun.
About what you chose to focus on this Christmas without me,,, I say to you What a beautiful woman you are. I love you, mwah mwah mwah