Thursday, December 28, 2006

Almost famous for a few days

I know that 'All You Need Is Love' is a TV program and that it airs all over The Netherlands, but it is hard to realize that especially when you watch the show within the familiar confines of your own living room. Apparently, over 2 million people saw the Christmas Special this year. Meaning all those people saw my face on their TV, and me acting kind of giddy while being treated to a trip to Russia and a reunion with Yasu. Everyday, walking the streets, waiting at the bus stop, shopping and working at Expo I still carry around that same face, and even though I wore the silly pink hat on my way to Russia, people still recognize my hat less face!
Reunited on TV in Russia
It is sometimes quite weird to be stared at so intently by people you have never met and then have those strangers blurt out the fact that they saw you on TV, thereby alerting the clueless people around them to the same fact which leads to even more strangers staring at you. One woman confronted me with the fact that she saw me on TV so unexpectedly, that she startled me into silence and a red face. But of course, it can also be quite enjoyable when people recognize me, as it was quite an extraordinary event to take part in that show. But the nicest reactions I have had were people telling me they had to cry when they watched our reunion on TV because they were so touched by it.

Of course, soon people will have forgotten about the show and pink-hat-wearing-girl with the Japanese boyfriend, and I will happily return to being as anonymous as I always was. But this will have been an interesting experience, being almost famous for a few days.

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Yasu said...

I am sure that it has been an interesting experience for you. And I am happy to know that our relationship and reunion touched some people's heart. Good job, both of us! mwah mwah mwah