Monday, December 18, 2006

All You Need Is Love

Eight days ago at 6:45 am, I'm woken up by insanely loud knocking on our front door and several strangers yelling to open the door :o! I sit straight up in bed, shocked and frustrated because it must be my brother's drunk friends who are keeping me from my sleep. He is asleep next to me and I try to wake him up, but he is totally comatose. No one else is in the house, so I will have to check out what's happening myself.

From an upstairs window, I try to get a look at the people that still have not given up making a hell of a racket. I do a double take when I realize what I see: it's a freaking camera crew in front of our house! I run back to the bedroom and shake Gyano back to consciousness and yellingly alert him to the presence of a camera crew in the driveway!

After quickly throwing on some clothes I go to open the door for Robert ten Brink, a famous Dutch T.V. personality. He asks me to fetch my toothbrush and accompany him on a trip; destination unknown... So me and my toothbrush hop on the Land Rover parked in our street and we were off to... somewhere. I am not allowed to ask any questions so I'm basically left to myself and my confused thoughts all the way to... wherever it is we are heading!

One of the television shows that Robert ten Brink hosts is 'All You Need Is Love', and every year there is a Christmas Special where he reunites Dutch people with their partners who live in some far away country. Having applied myself and Yasu for the 2006 Christmas Special, I know this trip to the unknown will eventually lead to Yasu, so I happily let myself be kidnapped by Robert ten Brink and his crew!
Yasu waiting to be reunited with his Dutch girlfriend
Killing time with his camera crew
Yasu pretending to be the camera man
Camera crew setting up for the reunion
Soon, we arrive at Schiphol Airport but instead of picking up Yasu, I end up boarding a private jet! Best flight experience ever, albeit numb in my confused brains. I wish I'd brought a camera and not just a toothbrush. While enjoying the comfortable seat and luxurious brunch I try to guess where we are heading. Best guess I come up with is Finland, but we end up in St. Petersburg, Russia!

After walking the streets of the Russian city and a slightly uncomfortable carriage ride we end up at a huge square, where they finally reunite me with Yasu! All the way from Japan (and the Netherlands) there we are in Russia, finally able to see, kiss, touch and hold each other after 13 very long months!
Happily reunited after 13 months on a romantic square in St. Petersburg, Russia!
I'm in a milkshake-state-of-mind, after having a camera pointed at my face all day long and having no idea what's going on, so when I finally do see Yasu I am not totally aware of it. Later that night when we are camera-crew-free, my disorientation starts to fade and I come back to my senses. And with those senses thick-happy-tears also come rolling across my face. The next day we fly back to the Netherlands and spent an enchanting week together, after having missed each other for way too long!
With Robert ten Brink, the host of the show, in front of our fancy Russian hotel
With Heleen, the producer of the 'All You Need Is Love' Christmas Special
Producer Heleen, Yasu, my little brother Gyano and my boss at Expo (where I work) were all in on the secret and arranged this special reunion in secret for the last month. They were very successful at keeping me in the dark, even though I applied to the show myself (on a whim), I honestly never expected to be among the lucky ones who get reunited with their foreign lovers.

Unfortunately, Yasu had to fly back home today :(. So he will have to miss the studio taping of the show this Thursday, the show airing on Christmas Eve, and of course Christmas itself... I would have loved to share these special events with him too, but this last week was precious and nobody can take it away from us!

Yasu, ai shiteru and all you Dutchies don't forget to check out the show on Sunday night @ 20:00 @ RTL4!


Angello90 said...

love beautiful feeling. nice pic and post. visit my blogs ok? merry christmas bye

Yasuhiro said...

While reading, I noticed I was smiling. Weird huh? It is fun to know what you felt that are behind what you did. Now you are at studio,,, must be really fun!! I'm with you in my mind there. Love you too!! mwah mwah mwah Yes it was such a wonderful time!!

Dan J said...

HOLY COW THIRTEEN MONTHS?! Oh gosh, and I thought 8 months was bad. How'd you stay sane?

Anonymous said...

Louana can u please mention the address of that show?>.< sounds weird but who knows who could be next?^6
thank you!

Louana said...

@ Dan: I have no idea how we stayed sane... Through Skype and emails, somehow. I never want to do it again.

@ Anon: This is the website of the show:
I think they will start asking for applications for the Christmas special in a couple of months. So keep checking back. Good luck!