Friday, March 26, 2004

Our non-adventure at the Westin Hotel

I’m terribly afraid of heights, still today after Jungwon’s classes (I never have classes on a Friday, apparently Business School students need a 3 day weekend) we set out on a new adventure. Climbing the Westin Hotel in an external glass encased elevator. This hotel is a 73-floor round skyscraper downtown, and we wanted to soar to the top floor in that scenic elevator providing us with Atlanta’s best view of Atlanta. But once we got to the elevator entrance (which wasn’t easy to find in the first place), we were told that non-guests had to pay a $5 fee to ride the elevator to the top. Due to my fear of heights, I was already extremely nervous and no longer looking forward to the elevator ride, and having to pay for something that made me this scared seemed ridiculous to me, so we didn’t go on the elevator.
Instead we just got some coffee at the in-house Starbucks and lounged around in the hotel taking pictures. It’s a really luxurious and big hotel and we still enjoyed ourselves with pretending to be rich enough to stay in a hotel like this and looking at lots of people who were actually rich enough to do that. As an added bonus for being that rich they got to ride the glass elevator for free, but I wasn’t that eager to have that privilege anymore.

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