Saturday, February 14, 2004

Shopping, steak and cocktails

Today, when I woke up, my mom was still here! This morning we drove (in a rented car) to a Tanger Factory Outlet far outside of Atlanta. It took a couple of hours to get there from Emory. We’d never been to an outlet before and we heard so many great stories about cheap but quality stuff, that we were anxious to check it out. We spent a fair amount of time there checking out all the stores, but actually it was quite a letdown… The only things purchased were a stars & stripes umbrella (by me) and some small souvenirs for people at home (by my mom). A regular mall would have been a better place to take my mom shopping, but sadly we didn’t have time for that anymore. But we did have time for an American meal: steak. On our way back to Atlanta we stopped at an Outback restaurant, which is an American chain restaurant with Australia as its theme, but which serves huge steaks which taste very American. This is us with our huge salads before they serve us our steaks, by the time the steaks arrived we were so preoccupied by the presence of juicy meat, we totally forgot to take pictures of the steaks. But believe me they were good.
After our lunch-dinner meal we headed back to Atlanta to check out Coca Cola World downtown. Atlanta is the hometown of Coca Cola, and the brand is present everywhere (especially at Emory University), hence it’s nearly impossible to get a Pepsi at an Atlanta restaurant. Luckily, I’m one of those Coca Cola fans, so the lack of Pepsi hasn’t bothered me at all. When we arrived at the Coca Cola museum though, it was already closed, so we’re returning tomorrow. Instead we hung out in the Atlanta Underground a bit to find more souvenirs and to have some milkshakes at Johnny Rocket’s. A really nice burger place that seems to come right out of a sixties movie complete with waiters dancing on the counter to YMCA. And later we hung out in the hotel lobby to have some tasty cocktails before bed:
We just hung out in the lobby for a couple of hours, where we saw some cross dressers and a bride and groom (and all their wedding presents) about to enjoy their wedding night in some suite upstairs. But mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company. After a month of speaking hardly any Dutch (except for the phone calls home) and desperately and unsuccessfully seeking a fellow Dutchie among all the international students at Emory, I finally got to speak Dutch again. It was weird, but also really great.
Unfortunately, my mom’s leaving again tomorrow, she needs to go back home and take care of my brothers. So we don’t have much time left to let her experience some of American life, but we’ll make the most of it! Tonight, Jungwon is also keeping us company is my mom’s fancy double room in the Marriott, and tomorrow we’ll do some quick sightseeing before returning her to the airport.
Moem in Atlanta

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