Friday, February 13, 2004

Airport shocker!!!

This morning Jungwon and I were waiting at Atlanta airport for someone to arrive, and I was getting worried because that person still wasn’t there yet. We sat down on a bench with a view of the arriving passengers, when all of a sudden a hand holding a card appears from behind me. I look at the card, recognizing my mother’s handwriting and wonder who is delivering me mail at the airport even though nobody at SPICE House knows I’m here right now… Only a few seconds pass between the appearance of the carded hand in front of my face and the moment I turn around, but in that short time my mind did some serious back flips trying to figure out whose hand this was. The truth never occurred to me so I was immensely shocked when I saw my mom crouching behind me! Maybe I screamed, I know I yelled “What are you doing here?” and immediately started crying tears of joy. I ran around to the other side of the bench and hugged the air out of my mom!
I’ve been coping with a severe case of homesickness and culture shock since my arrival and had wished to see my mom about every waking second! And now here she was! It was the most surreal feeling I have ever experienced! My mind was boggling and my eyes were crying, but I am the happiest girl on earth. My mom is here, I still can’t believe it! Unfortunately, she’ll be leaving in two days again, but hey two days with my mom in Atlanta that’s more than I ever hoped for!
After the shocking surprise and some relaxing coffee at the airport, we had a delicious dinner of crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack before we took her to Emory University to quickly show her around. She saw where I live in SPICE House (she even met the peculiar Japanese guy living on the first floor), the DUC where I eat and get my mail, Cox Hall where I sometimes eat and study every night in the computer area, Woodruff Library where I sometimes study (open 24 hours) and from a distance in the shuttle bus Goizueta Business School where I go to classes. Then we quickly dropped off Jungwon at SPICE House before returning to her hotel as she was kind of passing out with jetlag. Tomorrow is another day!
Moem in Atlanta

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